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The Swiss Ball

Swiss balls are big inflated balls designed to carry heavy loads and resist puncture during athletic workouts, physical therapy, and exercise. It is also known by other names such as Swedish ball, pilates ball, fitness ball, mediball, medicine balls, gym ball, exercise balls, and stability balls.

A good quality Swiss ball should be made of quality materials, be able to handle a static weight of at least 1,000 pounds and should not burst immediately despite a sudden pressure of at least 100 pounds. It also important that the Swiss ball you choose should be BPA and phthalates free.

The best Swiss balls, exercise balls, mediPro balls, fitness balls, and gym balls are currently made in Australia due to the high quality of production.

When it comes to Australian Swiss Balls, Swiss Balls AU. are the experts when it comes to Australian-made Swiss balls. Check  us out today.


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