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We often receive emails that ask us “How do I inflate my Swiss Ball?” Let us help you out.

When we ship out your Swiss Ball order, the package would contain a deflated Swiss ball, a pump, DVD, and exercise chart. If you have an electric pump or air compressor, you can use that to inflate your Swiss ball.

Let’s begin to inflate your Swiss Ball:

Step 1:

Depending on the size of the ball you purchased, check the Swiss ball will have a label indicating the maximum diameter that you can inflate your ball. If you are unable to estimate that you have already reached the maximum diameter, the best thing to do is to get a measuring tape and pencil or something to mark a spot on the wall and ceiling. For the height, start measuring from the floor and mark the wall up to the maximum diameter of the Swiss ball. Likewise, from the wall start measuring the floor up to the recommended diameter.

Step 2:

Take the deflated ball, place it on the floor and inspect if there are any defects. Our Swiss balls have been test inflated to ensure your safety and to check if there are any holes and/or if it meets our high standards.

Step 3:

Inspect the ball and find the plug. After unplugging, get the pump and place its tip into the plug hole. Start pumping into it. Same procedure with an electric pump or air compressor. Check if you have reached the allowable diameter by looking at the markings you placed on the wall and floor. You can also stop pumping air when the ball is already firm.

Step 4:

We know you will be excited to use the ball immediately but try to avoid this and allow 24 hours before using the ball or adding more air.

Step 5:

After the 24-hour wait, check if the ball is ready for you to use. Get the ball and sit on it. The rule of thumb that you have placed the right amount of air is when you sit on the ball; your legs should be at a 90 degree angle with the ball.

Your knees should be aligned with your hips, if it is lower, deflate the ball. If your knees are higher, inflate the ball a little bit more.

Also, you will know that you have the correct ball size when you are able to make a 2-inch dent on the ball while in the proper sitting position. If not, you may need a different size.

Happy exercising!



Written by David Madden — November 21, 2013


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