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Our balls are the best in the world - each ball is test inflated for your safety!

Weight tested at the University of Newcastle the Maxball is a phenomenal performer. It has a textured grip surface to reduce the chance of the ball slipping when in use.

  • Ideal for commercial operations
  • High Resistance To Deformation
  • Static Load: 5000kg
  • Dynamic Load: 750kg

The MaxBall has been tested to ensure product consistency - each ball is marked with a batch number to ensure consumer safety guidelines. These Swiss Balls have variously supported static loads well in excess of 5,000 kilograms and are burst-resistant. This does not mean puncture proof but helps protect you from explosive deflation. 

Maxball retains its shape under heavy loads, maximising the body's stabilisation process. It is ideal for seating, exercise, rehabilitation and can be used with duraDisc, airRoller and MedicineBalls to gain a more challenging workout. Also improve your posture, reduce back pain and brighten up your gym, office or classroom. 

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